Address: 14 North Road
CF10 3DY
Tel.No: 02920 367 000
Fax No: 02920 367 019
President: Mr. Charles Giles
Chairman: Mr. John Rees QC
Vice Chairman: Mr. John Williamson MBE
General Secretary Mr. Robert W. Smith
Directors/Administrative Stewards: The Baroness Golding
Mr. John Handelaar
Mr. Dave Roden
Directors/Representative Stewards: Mr. Bernard Connolly
Mr. Alistair Hayes
Mr. Phil Lundgren
Mr. Ron Pavett
Mr. Fred Potter
Mr. Martin Florey
Stewards of Appeal: Mr. Timothy Langdale QC (Chairman)
Mr. Andrew Barrow
Mr. Geoffrey Finn
Mr. Robert Kidby
Mr. Ian Mill QC
Ms. Jane Mulcahy
Mr. Icah Peart QC
Mr. Neil Saunders
Mr. Benedict Sefi
Mr. Robin Simpson QC
Mr. William Tudor John
Mr. Nicholas Valios QC
Honorary Stewards: Charlotte Leslie MP
Lennox Lewis CM, CBE
Mary Peters DBE QL
Mr. Leonard Read QPM
Mr. Billy Walker
Honorary Medical Consultant: Dr. Roger C. Evans FRCP
Solicitors: Geldards LLP
Dumfries House
Dumfries Place
CF10 3ZF
Hugh James
Hodge House
114-116 St. Mary Street
CF10 1DY
Auditors: N. M. Khan Associates
111 Basin Approach
E14 7JB
Marketing Associate: Mr. Nicholas Piper MBE