EBU vote to expell the Fédération Luxebourgeoise de boxe

04 June 2012 | Area: Head Office

Statement from the E.B.U.

Vote to expell the Fédération Luxebourgeoise de boxe

Before the opening of the General Assembly the president asked the 30 countries attending the meeting to consent, according to point 13-3 of the statutes, to add the following point on the agenda requesting a voting:

The Board of Directors received a proposition from the Swiss Boxing Federation (SBF) and the German Boxing Federation (BDB) to expulse the Federation Luxembourgeoise de Boxe (FLB) if they sanction de Haye-Chisora fight based on the fact that by doing so they are not promoting boxing.

Before the voting, 2 representatives from the FLB, 2 representatives from the BBBofC and 1 from de SBF received 3 minutes each to explain their position and another minute to answer.

According to our statutes, all voters received the necessary voting papers for the secret voting and 3 persons where appointed to count the votes.


  • The maximum of votes is 241
  • The 2/3 of the necessary votes is 160.6
  • In favour: 226
  • Against: 14
  • Abstention: 1

    Seeing the result, the proposition has been accepted by an overwhelming majority.